Trending Now: Travel Certificates


People are aching to get out and check some destinations off of their bucket list. We all know travel will bounce back, but 18 months into a pandemic the pent up demand is raging. Covid has changed how we work in a way that won’t be easily undone. Teams are collaborating, getting things done, and keeping the balls in the air without dragging themselves into an office. As Covid lingers, it’s starting to change how we’re traveling as well—now and in the future.

Luxurious trips for small groups are at an up-tick. People still want to travel, but we’ve found that many are not comfortable traveling with people they barely know. This presents a real challenge for corporations with a culture that relies on bringing everyone together for team-building activities. Company get-togethers create bonds and President’s Club or company retreats can increase organic interactions that lead to employee retention and satisfaction.

"Employees will not only feel appreciated, they will forever associate that trip with the company brand—leading to loyalty and reducing churn."

Incentive travel’s comeback might be delayed as the Delta variant is sweeping across the globe. It could take awhile before people are comfortable traveling with co-workers again, but incentive programs don’t have to die. They can pivot and adjust to meet employee comfort levels. With all the challenges we face right now, it’s especially important to keep employees motivated and encouraged so they thrive—despite the pandemic. Agile companies are finding alternative ways to achieve this same goal without sending everyone on a trip together, and travel certificate programs seem to be the clear solution of choice.

Here’s how they work:

A company allocates X amount of the budget for the program, and purchases travel certificates from a travel management company such as Going Places Travel. Each certificate can have the face value of whatever fits the company budget (usually $500 at a minimum). The employees are awarded certificates as a token of appreciation for their hard work. However, instead of going on a trip with their co-workers, they can use the certificates to book personal travel alone or with their loved ones. Employees will not only feel appreciated, they will forever associate that trip with the company brand—leading to loyalty and reducing churn.

It helps the company management team as well. With an incentive travel company doing all of the work, they can set it and forget about it. For example, if you have a budget in place, Going Places Travel will fly into the action, assign a dedicated travel advisor to your program, design customized travel vouchers, and roll out the program for you. Your employees simply need to reach out to redeem their certificates and book their travel.

Companies who are growing despite the pandemic are taking active measures to succeed, rather than tightening their belts and waiting for the pandemic storm to pass. Employee rewards can create a long-lasting, memorable experience, and keeping your best employees happy is a powerful way to mitigate risk.

Ting-Yi Shih is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Going Places Travel. A lifelong advocate for personal growth through cultural experience, she has dedicated her life to helping others both see and better understand the world.